My story begins when I was a very young, pigeon-toed Adolescent.
I was born in Detroit Michigan; with a vision so low, I was considered legally blind---which caused somewhat of a struggle coming up through school visually.

At the age of 10, my parents decided to seek medical solutions to straighten my feet; as I was
studying to become a Gymnast, and I consistently struggled to maintain my balance.

So after seeking advice from a few doctors, my parents settled on a Surgeon who came up with a
procedure that would make me 100%
Athlete---with much better balance, and no more stumbling.

The Surgery was called, “Triplearthrodesis'', as this procedure actually fuses all the ankle joints
together to prevent limited motion.

Unfortunately, this Surgery is made for someone with serious pain, arthritis, and inflammation---as I had none of those issues.  As a result, I ended up becoming even more disabled.

Sadly, the surgery stripped me of my ability to run, jump, or maintain ANY mobility---therefore,
being in non-stop, excruciating pain.

As I grew into my Twenties, I developed Scoliosis; which caused extreme, significant pain in my
joints~~ESPECIALLY when I walk. It was during this time I discovered Cannabis; and, come to find out~~~it actually helped with my pain!! Mind you, this was years before we really knew the Medical Benefits of Cannabis. Subsequently, I have been a strong & staunch Advocate for the use of CBD & Cannabis ever since.

Today, I educate and encourage those who suffer from many illnesses to study & try Cannabis; as it has helped me to stay on my feet--- Wheelchair & Cane Free!!

Because of my holistic nature, I have never been medicated; as I have always sought out natural
solutions for pain relief. I passionately continue to share my story over & over--as new research
is developed yearly on the benefits of this amazing plant. 

As such, I plan to stand tall through my
later years---managing my pain without the
harsh medications on the market Today.