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Need a little extra help making permanent changes to your current lifestyle?  Beginning in 2023, you will have the opportunity to meet 1:1 with a Personal Coach to help you through life's challenges. It’s not always losing the weight that makes a successful individual, but an overall recognition of where the problem lies.  Our Life & Health Coaches will help you recognize the underlying issues; so the healing will take place. This Service is a private Consultation; which will require additional fees.

It's a Personal Trainer

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It's not just about treating weight loss, but about Weight Management. Some may need to lose weight for better health~~but, what about those who need to gain weight for better health; or those who are somewhat fine with their weight, but need a better way to eat, and not live to eat?

We at Lifestyle Change 360 are dedicated to educating and coaching our Team, Clients, Families, and Friends to maintain an overall better quality of life. That means not only helping with Weight Management; but Sleep Apnea, Chronic Pain Issues, Anxiety, and many other unbalanced conditions that can hurt the body, and cause undesirable health conditions. Therefore, we want to help you achieve Homeostasis~~back to balance!

It's a Personal Meal Planner

Receive customized meal plans that are easy to follow.

Each Meal Plan shows you exactly what to eat and the correct portion. Everything is totaled for you – no counting calories, or complex equations. Just follow along, and you’ll build healthy habits in no time. We have a host of FDA-Certified, herbal-based products that will be recommended with each customized Meal Plan to help you on your Weight Loss Journey and Lifestyle Change. change.


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We provide our clients with the tools and resources they need to achieve balance in their lives and achieve homeostasis. Our holistic approach to wellness can help you achieve a better quality of life. Welcome to our village!

  • It's a Weight Loss Coach
  • It's a Personal Trainer
  • It's a Registered Dietitian
  • It's a Personal Meal Planner
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